I've just got back from performing on national UAE television but for different reason to normal... I was rollerblading in a show for their 43rd national day!

The weather was just beautiful and it felt great to escape the cold weather in England for a few days.

On the first rehearsal day, there were so many things to get through that when we weren't rehearsing we could lie down in the shade which was so relaxing. Our scene was about having fun and the toys that children play with, so we had a great time skating around the huge stage on our rollerbades! Also in our scene were acrobats, cyr wheels that were made to look like bicycle wheels, European champion skipping girls from Hungary, toy cars and trucks, a wooden boat and lots of children on the stage playing with traditional toys.

The purpose built stage and arena were incredibly impressive. An enormous steel structure had been built over the stage for lights, speakers and weighted hoists in order to pick up acrobats and German drummers and have them flying in the air. The back of the stage opened in the middle, so at the end of the performance the two sides could roll away to reveal the famous Burj Al Arab hotel.

On day three, we started off the day by going to the beach! I absolutely loved it! The sand was beautiful with really interesting shells scattered across it and the sea was lovely and cool, just what we needed on a hot day! After our time on the beach we went back to the venue for lunch. The catering was great and very inventive; they made a little penguin out of olives, cheese and some carrot! Then we had more rehearsals ready for the full dress rehearsal that evening.

On show day security men were everywhere! It was rumoured that the Sheikh's son was going to be in attendance so they emptied us all out of the venue for security checks. Just as they did it started raining, only a few drops here and there, but apparently that was only the second time it had rained this year!

As it got closer to show time, we made our way to our relevant entrances and got ready to go on stage. The arena was packed! The music started and I waited for my cue, then I went on to the stage to skate around all the other performers. I was very pleased with how I skated and really enjoyed my one and a half minutes on the stage!

At the end of the show, the back of the stage opened and an amazing light show was projected on to the Burj Al Arab hotel, then commenced the biggest, most spectacular fireworks display I have ever seen!

Thank you so much to Roger, Tina, all the acrobats and tech guys for a really fantastic trip.

Hope to see you all again soon!

Mary-Jess x