Inspirational masterclass with Mary-Jess about how learning Mandarin Chinese can change your life:

We all know that learning a language is a good thing, it’s great for the heath of your brain, not to mention looking great on your CV, but why else should you take the time to learn a language, and why Mandarin Chinese in particular? Mary-Jess often speaks to Mandarin Chinese learners of all ages, to share with them her story and journey with Mandarin Chinese and telling them about the incredible opportunities it’s given her throughout her career, from winning the Chinese Version of the X Factor, to being invited to Downing Street and becoming a representative of UK music in 144 counties, including China.

See the testimonials below to see why Mary-Jess should come and speak to your Mandarin Chinese students:

“Mary-Jess was an inspirational singer. We had her for a workshop and a concert in school and the students have been talking about the experience for days and weeks after the event. In the workshop, Mary-Jess shared her story of how “being brave” and “take opportunities” played a part in her life-changing experience. She was very engaging and attentive - she was indeed a natural teacher. Her concert was breath-taking, too. We could tell that she had chosen the songs with great consideration, linked well with the theme of the day. Her voice was amazing. Everyone clearly enjoyed it very much. I had pupils asking if we could invite Mary-Jess to school again. I’ve also overheard pupils talking about what dream they should pursue with Mandarin. Mary-Jess clearly inspired these young-minds. I highly recommend her.” Miss Jessica Yang, Mayfield Grammar School, UK.

“Highly recommended! Mary-Jess has an incredible story to tell and our students and staff have been enthralled each time that she has visited The Castle School to speak. She is clearly not only a hugely talented musician but also an excellent public speaker. Her presentations are motivating as well as challenging, and have been pitched at just the right level; students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities have been highly engaged and fascinated by what she has to say. We have certainly seen an increased desire to learn Mandarin in our students following her presentations and all students have been able to reflect on key messages of being resilient, dreaming big, taking every opportunity and never giving up.” Mr Simon Floyd, Castle School, Taunton, UK.

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Singing and performing masterclass with Mary-Jess and Joanna Forest:

Mary-Jess and Joanna Forest Masterclasses page 1.jpg

For the first time, you have the opportunity to learn first hand the tricks and the trade of being an internationally acclaimed musician from two of the world’s most exciting sopranos and recording artists. Mary-Jess (winner of the Chinese ‘X Factor’ and Official Downton Abbey Songstress) and Joanna Forest (the first independent artist to achieve UK Classical Number 1 with a debut album) come together to work with you in a solo, choral or group capacity to share all their knowledge of singing and of the industry.

A little note from Joanna and Mary-Jess:

Having worked professionally in the industry for a combined total of 20 years, we know first hand how much music can help with self-esteem and confidence issues, and how the enjoyment of and participation in music can benefit so many other areas of ones life. We love encouraging young people to pursue their love of music, not only by running masterclasses, but also by inviting young musicians on tour with us and to record with us on numerous occasions. We just love to see their passion and talent shine through as they gain in confidence.

We looking forward to working with you and to seeing your passion and talent shine through!


Mary-Jess and Joanna xx

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