Happy 10 Year Anniversary JSBC!

Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation's 10 Year Anniversary program was an hour and a quarter long celebration of music, dance and theatrical talents, in which many past champions of the JSBC Variety Channel's many shows over the years were invited back to perform; and I was one of them!

The whole studio complex was a buzz of excitement! The stage was set, an entourage of hair and make up artists, dressers and fashion designers were on hand to make sure everyone looked their best before stepping out on to the stage. The dancers had been rehearsing for weeks for this one moment. The music started, and I felt elated as I sang my favourite Chinese song '春天的芭蕾‘ (Spring Ballet) on this live show, broadcast to an audience of over 70 million people!

Thank you to JSBC for inviting me to celebrate your 10 year anniversary with you! Special thanks to Janey and Wendy, for being such great friends and for looking after me so well!

Here is my happy anniversary message to you! I hope you like it!