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'Inspire' - My New Album

The aim of Inspire is to help four incredible young artists create and maintain their footholds in the music industry. I hand-picked these young vocalists from all across the country so that I could record with them and coach them personally, and now we have performed our songs for my new album, Inspire. 

Helping the Door Youth Project

The Door Youth Project, a young person’s charity based in Gloucestershire, coached and encouraged me when I was 18 years old. I won a singing competition because they encouraged me to sing classical music and pursue my true music passion, rather than singing pop music because it was considered more ‘cool’. They really helped me find confidence in my classical voice, so now, with Inspire, I'm going to do the same for other young artists.

Album Duets

I’m delighted to say that we recorded four duets on Inspire with: Beth Ford, Tazmin Barnes, Kyle Tomlinson and Ffion Rebecca, as well as my own brand-new solo track. We were also joined by G4 Young Voices in association with PQA (The Pauline Quirke Academy) and The London Chinese Philharmonic Choir. Check out pictures from the recording sessions below.

Thank You

Thank you so much for supporting the creation of Inspire. Click below to get your copy today!

Making the Album

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It’s a song called Spring Ballet, which Mary-Jess performed live to 70 million viewers on Chinese television.


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