Mary-Jess became known in China, winning their version of the X Factor in front of 70 million viewers.

Mary-Jess 在有七千万观众的中国版 X Factor 比赛中夺冠,在华一举成名。

Mary-Jess' Chinese Show Reel with Chinese voice over showcasing some of the many highlights of her incredible career.

Whilst studying Mandarin Chinese in China, Mary-Jess won 民星唱翻天, a singing competition live on Chinese TV with a viewing audience of 70 million people that the UK press called ‘The Chinese X Factor’. Shortly after, she released her début album ‘Shine’ which won both ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ from

Mary-Jess在中国学习汉语时,获得了《民星唱翻天》比赛冠军。这场直播比赛在中国有七千万观众,被英国媒体称为“中国版X Factor”。之后,她发行了的首张唱片《Shine》,赢得了 的“年度最佳唱片”和“最佳新人”奖。

Mary-Jess has toured with Russell Watson, performed with Sir Tim Rice and Don Black, sang to royalty in Windsor Castle, appeared on numerous national TV programs both in the UK and in China, and was chosen to sing the Downton Abbey theme tune.  She even performed at the FA Cup Final in Wembley Stadium singing 'Abide With Me' in front of a live audience of 90,000 people and a worldwide television audience of 300 million people.

Mary-Jess 曾与多名知心英国艺人同台演出, 包括 Russell Watson 的巡演, Tim Rice 爵士和英国作词人Don Black. 亦曾于温莎城堡为皇室成员表演.中英两国众多电视台都播放过她的演出,她还被选中演唱《唐顿庄园》电视剧主旋律。Mary-Jess 还在温布利大球场足总杯决赛上面对九万现场观众演唱《Abide With Me》,同时有三亿人收看电视。

Besides her own début record, she has featured on nine other albums: ‘Now That’s What I Call Classical’, two Downton Abbey albums, the Rugby World Cup ‘World in Union’ album, both the original album and the special edition of ‘Dare to Dream’ the UK Classical Number 1 album by Rebecca Newman, ‘Flying Happiness’ a Chinese compilation album and she sang Faith Hill’s ‘There You’ll Be’ for the Band of the H. M. Royal Marines' album ‘Summon the Heroes’ due to her family connections with the forces. This was then included on the album 'Music for Heroes'.

除了她个人的首发专辑,她也精选在九张唱片里。分 别是:《Now That's What I Call Classical》,《唐顿庄园》两张唱片,橄榄球世界杯专辑《World in Union》,在英国古典乐排行榜上第一: Rebecca Newman 的专辑《Dare to Dream》,《Flying Happiness》中国精选大碟。基于她家族和军队的关系, 她曾在皇家海 军乐队唱片《Summon the Heroes》中, 获选了翻唱Faith Hill 的《There You'll Be》,这首歌期后又被收录在《Music for Heroes》里。

After singing at The GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai, Mary-Jess was invited to Number 10 Downing Street where she was asked to become the next representative of The GREAT Britain Campaign, and so she now represents the UK in 144 countries around the world. She is also a 'Leading Light' of the UK–China Alumni Network, an initiative set up by the British Council in China to encourage links between the UK and China.

在上海英伦创意盛典上演唱之后,Mary-Jess被英国首相府邀请,应邀成为“GREAT英国推广活动”的下一位代表,因此目前她在144个国家里代表着来自英国的音乐。她还是英国来华校友网的“领军人物”, 此项目由英国文化协会在中国设立,鼓励发展中英友好关系。

Mary-Jess is a member of the Royal British Legion Gloucester City Branch, patron of The Door Youth Project which help troubled, disengaged young people and their families, and she is an ambassador for Half the Sky, a charity that help orphaned and abandoned children in China.

Mary-Jess是英国皇家军团Gloucester City分队的成员,The Door Youth项目的赞助人(帮助受困和迷茫的年轻人及其家庭),半边天基金会大使(中国帮助孤儿和遗弃儿童的慈善机构)。


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