Can I Ask You Something?

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

Before I ask you something, I feel I should explain why I thought it would be a good idea to start chatting to you in this way.

On my last tour, I had a wonderful array of special guests, dancers, singers, choirs; all come and join me at my concerts. They all, the young artists in particular, had so many questions about how to become a full time singer/artist, and I just LOVE chatting about it! I’ve always said with my Chinese, that because I just love studying and learning this incredible language, that that’s half the battle won, because you are willing and happy to spend the time on it. That’s how I feel about my music and my business. I would happily talk about singing, travelling, the music industry, and look to inspire young artists to pursue their dreams until the cows come home, and then with a nice cup of tea up till the wee hours burning the midnight oil. So, surely that’s a perfect reason to start a blog? I get to share what I’ve learned and my journey through my working life as a singer with you and with young artists, wherever in the world you may be. Isn’t that exciting?!

It’s for these reasons that I also wanted to make my new EP with young up and coming artists, to help them get a foothold in the industry. Thrilled that we’ve reached the target on Pledge Music! THRILLED! But you can still pledge here if you’d like to get involved. There are so many things that I know now, that I wish someone could have told me before I entered and won the Chinese ‘X Factor’, which would have really helped me out at the start of my career. I can’t wait to mentor these young artists, and by starting this blog, I hope that I can spread that knowledge and my experiences far and wide, hopefully helping as many people as I can, and hopefully, all with a little help from my friends along the way too.

So now you know my reasons for starting this blog, can I ask you something? What would YOU like to read about? What would help YOU? What would inspire YOU? What would YOU find interesting and/or helpful? What would YOU like to know?

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Looking forward to reading your comments below!

Shine on,